Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
Your child's obsession with dinosaurs benefits his brain

There is a time when every child begins to be interested in dinosaurs. Such is the point of interest that they could end up reciting a score of species, their type of food and even their habitat.

When that interest turns into an obsession, scientists call it “intense interests.” They do not know exactly what triggers it, but they do know that it produces benefits in cognitive development .

What do the studies say?

One in three children is interested in dinosaurs, according to a study published in the journal Developmental Research. The age range is usually between two and six years old , although some will continue to maintain their enthusiasm a little longer.

In addition, these children also tend to be attracted to any motorized vehicle as the main category, closely followed by dinosaurs.

Which has benefits?

Fascination with a conceptual subject, such as dinosaurs, has been linked to better attention spans, information-processing skills, and persistence. All this is because they cannot remain passive consumers of information, but must instead go out and learn in books, libraries, museums or seek out new resources.

This has been proven in three different studies where it was confirmed that children with “intense interests” tend to have above average intelligence .

The conclusion is that the obsession in this case with dinosaurs is the way in which the child learns a new subject in a fun way knowing all kinds of details such as species, historical periods, food, habitat, way of life…

In addition, it has also been shown that the age range in which the “intense interests” occur coincides with the ages in which more is played using the imagination (between three and five years).

Joyce M. Alexander, study specialist, and her team stated that children have different types of interests such as conceptual and situational, for example: if the dinosaur roars, the child will want to know why and will only be interested for a few minutes , but if the roar has specific movements and performs an action, the interest will be greater.

what can we do as parents?

If our son has a great interest in dinosaurs, the best thing we can do for him is to support him by encouraging him even more. We can accompany you to the library to discover more about the different species, go to exhibitions or visit the Natural Science Museums.

In fact, in Spain there are different routes focused on learning more about dinosaurs in areas such as La Rioja or Cuenca. And you can even visit a theme park in Teruel. Remember that even if your child does not stop talking about dinosaurs, it is all for the good of his brain.