Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
Why the vacuum cleaner works but does not vacuum

You wake up determined to vacuum, you plug it in and… It doesn’t vacuum! Keep calm, oddly enough, your vacuum cleaner hasn’t stopped working, it’s just sucking. This is one of the most common problems when we talk about vacuum cleaners and you should know that with proper maintenance you can prevent the appearance of this technical problem. Next, in a HOWTO we explain why the vacuum cleaner works but does not suck . If you want to know how to remedy this situation, discover the possible causes of the problem and follow our first aid manual to avoid having to contact the technical service or having to permanently renew your vacuum cleaner.

A power failure

When you see that your vacuum cleaner does not work properly or with the same power, you must discover what is the cause that is causing this failure. In many cases it may be the device itself, but it may happen that the vacuum cleaner is connected to a power outlet that is not working properly. That is, if it is well connected but still does not work, it may be a power failure , which indicates that the electricity is not reaching the end correctly.

In case you change the plug and check that this outlet works with other electrical devices, the problem may be in the power supply of the vacuum cleaner , which does not receive power properly. In this case, unplug the device properly and contact the technical service so that they can disassemble the vacuum cleaner and check the status of the power supply. It is important that if you are not an expert in electronics, you do not try to solve the problem yourself, as this could be dangerous. Always go to a professional making use of the device warranty.

The tank bag is full

One of the most frequent problems when the vacuum cleaner works but does not suck properly has its origin in the tank bag. When this bag is full or has ruptured , it can cause a failure of the device causing a loss of suction . In these cases, the aspirator will not stop sucking, but it will do so with very little force . If this is your case, the first thing you should do to solve it is empty the tank or change the bag and you will see how your vacuum cleaner returns to sucking with the same force as before.

On certain occasions the vacuum cleaner can stop working directly, since it has a safety mechanism that makes the device stop completely to avoid a more serious breakdown that could cause, for example, the machine to overheat. If this is your case, do not hesitate to empty the tank or change the bag and wait about 30 minutes until the engine cools down and the system is 100% ready to start the activity again.

The vacuum cleaner is stuck

When we vacuum we not only suck up dust and lint, sometimes other materials can be sucked up such as small pieces of plastic, splinters, paper … You should know that when vacuuming solid materials, especially if they are large, they can get stuck in the nozzle , in the elbow of the brush, in the brush itself, in the tube or in any other area of ​​the vacuum cleaner, causing a failure in its operation.

Therefore, if you notice that the vacuum cleaner does not suck properly, you should check that there is no object stuck. In case you find it, carefully remove it . It is important that when you vacuum you only try to get rid of the dust, since other objects or even liquids could cause a major breakdown in the device.

The filter is dirty

Another case that can cause your vacuum cleaner to not suck properly is that the suction filter is not clean . This type of device has a filter that, in case the bag breaks, can prevent the machine from being damaged or damaged completely.

To prevent the filter from being too dirty for the vacuum cleaner to work properly, you should open the device, remove the filter and clean it either with your hands or with another vacuum cleaner. Once it is clean, you can put it back correctly. To carry out this task you must take into account two issues: the first is that you will find the filter between the bag and the motor, and the second is that you should never wet the filter with water (unless this has been indicated by the manufacturer) , since you could damage the filter and cause a major breakdown in the vacuum cleaner.

fine dust suction

Although we know that the vacuum cleaner should basically remove dust and lint, when the dust is too fine, such as cement or flour , it can cause suction failure . This happens because these particles have an easier time sticking to the walls of the bag and, even if it has not been completely filled, you will have a low-power vacuum as a result.

The solution to this problem is simple, you just have to shake the bag a little , to help the fine powder to detach from the walls and wait a few seconds for the particles to settle properly at the bottom of the container. In the event that the vacuum cleaner does not work with this action, you must replace the bag with a new one. Check our site for more.