Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
Why I don't like it when they say my only daughter "needs" a baby brother

Before becoming a mother I always imagined myself with more than one child. Having a sister, the normal thing for me has always been to have a companion for games, pranks and adventures. But for various reasons in life, currently I am only the mother of a girl, something that has filled me with great joy and happiness.

However, although we are happy being just the two of us, many people do not think it is enough. And even though I don’t think her comments are meant to be negative, I sometimes find it annoying that they assume her life is incomplete because she’s an only child. Games and activities to stimulate the development of babies from 6 to 12 months.

So today, I share with you a reflection in which I explain why, despite the fact that I am open to having more children, I do not like it when they say that my daughter “needs” a little brother .

“He needs a little brother”

I do not want to be misunderstood, I am not denied that my daughter has a partner. As I said at the beginning, I always visualized myself with more than one child, but for now, after a divorce , life and circumstances have led us to just be her and me

But despite my desire to have more children one day, I don’t see children as “needing” to have a sibling . It is true, a brother is the best gift we can give a child, but it does not mean that we are bad parents if in the end we are left with only one child.

I understand that many times these types of comments come from people who, like me, have siblings and shared a childhood together. It’s true, it’s nice to have someone to share and have fun with when you’re a child , because the fun multiplies and the pranks do too.

I also understand that these kinds of comments arise from concern about the emotional development of the child , since some people consider that being only children there is a greater risk that children grow up being selfish or capricious, since they do not have anyone to share with within House.

But while I can try to understand the motives behind those comments about how nice it would be to have a sibling, I find it annoying that they make a negative of this and insist on the “lack” or “need” of a sibling .

What a child needs (with or without siblings)

Let’s get one thing straight: kids don’t need a sibling. It’s true, it’s nice to share childhood and grow up together, but as much as being a necessity , I don’t think so. Having a brother or not is not something that defines the kind of person you will be , nor does it guarantee having a harmonious relationship between the two if you have one.

If a child has a little brother, because his parents have decided so and they were able to have him, excellent. But we must stop seeing having only one child as something negative, selfish or that can make a child’s childhood unhappy . Because when we talk about the true needs of a child, these are usually the same whether or not they have siblings.

What a child needs, that is, what is really essential for their happiness and well-being, is love, respect, company, care and attention , among many other things. And all of that can be obtained with or without siblings, because they are things that he receives at home, through his family.

Because each person is a complete person, and the presence or absence of a brother does not define how they will be.
The number of children, as we have discussed on other occasions, is a decision that depends solely on the parents. And although I do not close the door to having more children one day, I appreciate that you stop insisting that only children “need” a sibling , because at the end of the day, what matters is that the children are well, with or without siblings.