Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
The importance of the baby's weight at birth

The weight of the baby at birth is important, since it can be above or below the average, which can lead to some problems.

The  weight of the baby at birth  is that which is taken just after being born. Depending on which one, it can give some information or others about the state and health of the baby. For this reason, after weighing and measuring him, his figure is compared with those considered normal.

It is considered normal for the baby to weigh between 2.5 kilos and 4 kilos. But not all babies are born with the right weight, some are born below average, and others are born overweight.

Babies born with a lower than average weight fall into two categories:

  • Premature babies: They are born before 37 weeks and, in most cases, low weight is linked to a shorter duration of pregnancy.
  • Full-term babies: They were born when they should have, but for some reasons (maternal, placental or baby problems) they have not grown enough.

Babies born weighing more than 4 kilos are seen in cases where the mother has tall stature, uncontrolled diabetes, or rarely, in cases of illness of the baby.

A baby born with an above or below average weight can develop normally, but it can also be a sign of a larger health problem. For this reason, the weight of the baby at birth is important, and in any case, medical indications must be followed.


Babies born with a weight closer to the high or low values ​​are considered large or small.

Cases in which the baby’s weight at birth is greater than the average

It’s normal to associate big babies with good health, as it can make you feel that the bigger the baby, the healthier it is. However, attention should be paid to blood sugar levels during the first hours of life, since they may have problems regulating them, and they are at greater risk of suffering from hypoglycemia.

If there are no major health problems, the big baby should initially breastfeed , following the same patterns as babies born at normal weight. Check out our parenting site for more and great ideas for your new born.

Cases in which the baby’s birth weight is less than the average

If the baby is small, attention must be paid to several factors during its first hours of life, since it can represent some risks:

  • Problems regulating their own temperature, so they should be monitored.
  • Hypoglycemia problems, that is, low blood glucose levels.
  • Problems eating, so attention will be paid to your diet.
  • Hypocalcemia problems, that is, low level of calcium in the blood.

Breastfeeding will be the first choice for babies with a controlled low weight, and that does not pose any risk to the baby. This is because tolerance is better, and it contains the necessary nutrients to feed you.

In cases where the baby has a very low weight, that is, less than 1.5 kilos, breast milk will not be enough and must be modified.

If your baby is discharged, it will mean that everything points to a good development. However, after a few days, she will have her first visit with the pediatrician, where he will be weighed and measured again to check that everything is fine. If this is not the case, it will be assessed if there is any health or feeding problem.