Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
The 8 most common fears of new mothers

In this article we will review the most common fears among new mothers. Diseases, food, care… There are many concerns.

Motherhood is beautiful, but for new mothers, the arrival of the baby also implies many doubts. The fear of not knowing how to do it well is common, as is feeling overwhelmed by responsibility.

Will I be able to care for and protect this defenseless little person? We constantly ask ourselves. In this article we will review the most common fears of new mothers, among whom I include myself.


1. What happens if the baby gets sick?

When my son was born, I was terrified to think that he would get sick. I found out later that he wasn’t the only one to have those feelings. Various studies indicate that the most worrying thing for new mothers is that the newborn suffers from a health problem. In a survey carried out some time ago by Suavinex among 1,200 women, 83% of mothers said that this was their main fear.

Another study carried out by SEPEAP (Spanish Society of Outpatient Pediatrics and Primary Care) in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Mylan, in which 1,000 new mothers have participated, lowers the percentage to 47%. Fever, vomiting and diarrhea are the conditions that most distress them.

Sudden infant death in the first few months was of great concern to me. Then came the fear of choking. And when it comes time to put the child in daycare or leave him in someone’s care, we moms torment ourselves thinking that we will not be there if our little one gets sick or has an accident. It is still to this day that every time I get a call from my son’s school my heart skips a beat. Check out our parenting site for more and great ideas for your new born.

That is why I recommend that if you are concerned about the safety of the nursery, you should visit it and ask directly about the measures and protocols in case of an emergency. Do you have a nurse? Do they have health insurance? Are the staff qualified to care for babies? All those questions are very important.

2. Will I be a good mother?

The fear of not doing well as a mother is something that affects almost half of women. New mothers are overwhelmed by not knowing how to distinguish whether the baby’s crying is due to hunger, sleep or pain (32.7% expressed this fear in the SEPEAP study). Insecurities will vary over the years, but they will always be there. By the way, sometimes babies don’t cry for nothing. They just want pampering.

3. Will you eat enough?

Something as natural as breastfeeding babies can be a problem for some mothers. We all know the case of a baby who has had a hard time latching onto the breast. Breastfeeding and feeding are, therefore, another of the most frequent fears of new mothers.

4. Will you be gaining enough weight?

Babies go through regular checkups to monitor their growth. Still, one in four new moms are worried about their baby’s weight .

5. Will you have colic?

No mother wants our children to suffer. That is why she worries us that the newborn may suffer from infant colic.

6. How is a newborn bathed?

Bath time also causes stress for many mothers, who do not know how to hold their little one safely or are not very clear about how to clean the navel during the first few days.

At this point it is important to remember that you should not be obsessed with bathing babies every day. What’s more, there are experts who say that doing it three days a week is enough. What you should do is wash their hands and clean their bottoms very well with each diaper change.

7. Domestic accidents

Domestic accidents happen, although we are aware of our children at all times. A tenth of a second is enough for them to mess it up. Sometimes they cannot be avoided, and you should not beat yourself up about it.

But you can take the appropriate security measures, such as putting covers on the plugs, placing anti-baby locks on the cabinets or moving furniture that they can climb on away from the window.

8. What will happen if I miss?

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about what would happen if I were missing. Who will take care of my little one? Will he be well cared for? Until I became a mother, I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of taking out life insurance apart from the mortgage. Now I know that my loved ones will receive compensation in the event of death.

The economic and family situation or the guilt of not having enough time to spend with the children also worries Spanish first-time mothers.