Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
Pretty boy and girl names for twins

Choosing the name of our baby is one of the most important decisions that we will have to make before his birth. While some parents carry on the family tradition, others choose to pursue different, modern names .

In the case of couples expecting more than one baby , choosing the name becomes a slightly more complicated task and for which some considerations must be taken into account.

Previously we have shared pretty boy names for twins and twins, and pretty girl names for couples and twins. Today it is the turn of those pairs of twins of different sex. We share beautiful boy and girl names for twins. Most Popular girl names with J in the U.S. · Jane – Yahweh is gracious · Jayla – Jay bird name · Jocelyn – Germanic tribe · Jordyn – Flow down · Josie

What to consider when choosing twin names

Before continuing with baby name proposals for pairs of twins who are a boy and a girl, we briefly review the advice we have given to take into account when choosing the name of two babies that will be born at the same time.

  • Look for individual names that are generally good when pronounced together . Pronounce both out loud and in both orders, also thinking of the nicknames.
  • Remember that despite being babies born together, each one has their own personality. Avoid choosing names that are too similar , such as using the same name in two different languages, or in the case of twins, the same name in a masculine and feminine version, such as Andrés and Andrea.
  • Take into account the last name , to make sure that when pronouncing the names they do not lend themselves to puns.
  • If you choose to continue a family tradition , do it with both children and not just one of them.
  • Names that start with the same letter are usually a fun and cute way to make them “match”, so later on we’ll give you some ideas that you’re sure to like.

Matching names for boy and girl

These are some proposals for names for boys and girls that go well together, either because they have the same theme, because they rhyme or because they have similar meanings.

  • Adrián and Tamara: both inspired by nature, specifically the beach and the sea. Adrián means “who comes from the sea” and the meaning of Tamara is related to the palm tree.
  • Bruno and Lila: two creative and colour-inspired names. Bruno means “brown” and Lila is inspired by a shade of purple.
  • Claudio and Rosario: if we think of boy and girl names that rhyme or have similar endings, these names of Latin origin can be a nice option. Claudio means ‘lame’ or ‘he who walks with difficulty’, and Rosario means ‘garland of roses’.
  • Daniel and Julia: two of the most chosen names in Spain in recent years. Daniel is a name of Hebrew origin that means “God is my judge”, while Julia is of Latin origin and means “consecrated to Jupiter”.
  • Darío and Rocío: two names with similar endings. Darío means “one who possesses goods”, and Rocío means “she who is refreshing and youthful like dew”.
  • Dimitri and Alisa: If we think of names in other languages, these two Russian names are a nice option. Dimitri is the Russian version of Demetrius and Alisa means “great happiness”.
  • Hector and Adriana: two names inspired by famous characters from Greek mythology . Hector was a prince of Troy and Ariadne was the daughter of King Minos of Crete.
  • Manuel and Isabel: two classic names whose ending is similar. Manuel means “God is with us” and Isabel means “God’s promise”.
  • Liam and Naia: two modern and original names. Liam comes from the Irish and means “firm protection”, while Naia is a modern name that could be derived from the Greek root “to flow”, as well as Nais or “naiad”, Greek nymphs of freshwater streams and springs.
  • Lorenzo and Bianca: both proposals are of Italian origin. Lorenzo means “crowned with laurels” and Bianca means “white”.
  • Mateo and Sofía: two of the most popular names in Spain and that continue to trend. Mateo means “gift of God” and Sofía means “wisdom”.
  • Mario and Jana: for lovers of literature, we propose two names inspired by writers . Mario by Mario Vargas Llosa and Mario Benedetti, and Jana by Jane Austen.
  • Martín and Lucía: Following the trends of recent years, we found this beautiful combination for boys and girls. Martín comes from the Latin form Martis , which means “Mars” or “consecrated to the god Mars”, while Lucía is of Latin origin “lux”, its meaning is “She who carries the light” or “She who is born of light ”.
  • Pablo and Sara: two timeless names that sound good together. Pablo is of Latin origin and means “little, humble”, Sara is of Hebrew origin and means “princess, lady”.
  • Samiel and Raqiel: another timeless name option with similar endings. Samuel means “the one chosen by God”, and Rachel means “the sheep of God”.
  • Thiago and Martina: two names that will continue to trend. Thiago is a variant of Santiago, meaning “the one who changes”, and Martina is the feminine form of Martín.

Names for twins that start with the same letter

  • alexander and alisa
  • Bernard and Berenice
  • Clara and Carlos
  • David and Danielle
  • Enzo and Elena
  • Ferdinand and Frida
  • Gustavo and Gabriela
  • Hector and Helen
  • Ivan and Agnes
  • Joseph and Juliet
  • Leonard and Lucia
  • matthew and mary
  • Nicholas and Natalia
  • oscar and olivia
  • Paul and Pamela
  • Robert and Rebecca
  • Sebastian and Samantha
  • Thomas and Theresa
  • Ulysses and Uriela
  • Valentine and Violet
  • Yahir and Yesenia
  • Zaid and Zahara
  • Galeena and Galina

famous twin names

The names that celebrities choose for their children also inspire many parents when choosing them for their offspring, such as:

  • Alexander and Ella: were the names chosen by George Clooney and his wife Amal for their twins.
  • Mateo and Eva: they are the names of the twins of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Knox and Vivienne: the names of the pair of twins that actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had together.
  • Nicholas and Lucy: the singer Enrique Iglesias and the tennis player Anna Kournikova became parents for the first time with this pair of twins.
  • Max and Emme: are the names of the twins of the singer Jennifer Lopez with Marc Anthony.
  • Gideon and Harper: Neil Patrick Harris’s twins are famous not only for being his children, but also because they always succeed at Halloween with their group costumes.