Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
How to save on the electricity bill with these tricks

At the high price at which electricity is currently, meeting the electricity bill is not always easy. We did not discover anything new by saying that light is a fundamental good not only to be able to illuminate the home, but, on many occasions, to keep the house warm or, simply, to be able to use the different electrical appliances. Given the worrying rise in prices, it is normal to wonder how to save on the electricity bill and although we cannot curb the cost, there are small gestures that are effective in achieving significant savings. Take note of the advice we give you in this OneHOWTO article and discover how to save on your electricity bill .

Check your rate

If your electricity bill seems too high , the first step you should consider is to carefully review the rate that marks prices and consumption and compare it with other possible options. Look at the rates offered by other supply companies and, also, assess other possibilities such as a night rate or a weekend rate. Although the invoice is not always easy to understand, knowing well the concepts for which you are charged and considering alternatives can mean a change that brings you the desired savings.

Use appliances efficiently

If it is time to renew an appliance , such as the washing machine, the refrigerator or the oven, do not hesitate and choose low consumption models , because although at first they may seem somewhat more expensive, in the medium term they will allow you to save on the electricity bill . In addition, there are some very simple tips to carry out that will result in a somewhat cheaper receipt, for example:

  • Use the washing machine and dishwasher at full load and applying the appropriate program in each case.
  • Try not to use several appliances at the same time because this massive consumption of energy will mean an increase in the electricity bill that could have been avoided.
  • Take advantage of residual energy, for example with the ceramic hob that, once turned off, offers you a few extra minutes, with which to cook or heat food, which you should not waste.
  • Keep the fridge clean (and the freezer free of ice or frost) so that with an average temperature, around 3ºC – 7ºC, you can keep your food in perfect condition without spending more. We recommend you read this other article on How to know if my refrigerator consumes a lot of energy .

Take advantage of the cheapest cost hours

It must be remembered that most companies have established a billing system divided into time slots in which the price of a kilowatt of electricity consumed varies, generally being the most expensive, the so-called peak hours, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Trying to limit the use of lights and appliances in those time slots is something that your pocket will appreciate when it comes to the electricity bill.

Opt for energy-saving light bulbs and equipment

In addition to opting whenever possible for the most efficient appliances when it comes to using electricity and fulfilling their function well, in order to limit the cost of electricity, low-consumption light bulbs are a fundamental point to achieve savings on the bill . of light at home . There are many light bulbs and energy-saving equipment on the market, so you can ask the shops for advice to see which ones would be the most suitable for your home.

Don’t use standby

It is a simple gesture that is in our hands and that means more savings on the electricity bill than we can imagine. Of course, not forgetting to turn off the lights and any appliance that is not in use is a key measure, but, in addition, we must remember that when we leave a device on standby, that is, not completely turned off, energy consumption, although be minimal, is constant .

The television, the computers, the dishwasher that has finished the washing cycle but we do not finish or turn it off or any power strip that stays on is wearing out. You know, if you want to save on your electricity bill, say no to any ‘red dot’ that indicates that something is still on.

Smart plugs and switches

Home automation can be an excellent energy saving ally, with devices such as household appliances that you can program to work at the cheapest hours or elements as simple as plugs and switches that can also be programmed or that only work and make the lights turn on when they detect the presence and movement of people, turning off automatically when a room is empty.

Monitor the enclosures and the use of heating

If you have electric heating, keeping the heat in the house can cause the electricity bill to rise considerably in the coldest months of the year. Making responsible use of heating , maintaining an average and constant temperature, is a basic saving measure that must also be complemented by good enclosures and insulation systems that prevent heat from escaping and the bill rises considerably more than desirable. .

Reduce unnecessary power

Although the electricity bill is sometimes difficult to understand, it must be clear that there are two key concepts for which companies charge. One is the consumption, but the other is the contracted power . Check it in case you have more than you really need , because if you reduce it you will see how the next receipt also goes down.

sunlight is free

Make the most of the light and heat of the sun , for example by placing a desk or study desk next to a window (you will have natural light longer and turn on the lamp later) or forgoing the dryer on a sunny day, in which you can hang the laundry outside, thus saving energy and money. Check our site for more.