Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
How to remove the diaper without complications

If you are wondering how to remove your child’s diaper, you are in the right place. We indicate several steps to face this important moment.

It is possible that if your son or daughter has turned two years old, one of your concerns is how to remove the diaper in the easiest way possible.

The first thing you should know in this regard is that not all boys and girls behave in the same way.

Some can easily adapt to change and quickly learn to use the potty, while others reject the idea of ​​going to the bathroom alone.


If you are considering how to remove the diaper from your little one, you should know that one of the best seasons to do it is during the summer holidays. It is possible that you have more time to teach him and to be attentive, and in addition the good weather helps.

If the child is ready and motivated to learn, you can start the process towards the next stage! How to deal with it?

  • It will be beneficial if, before removing the diaper permanently, you sit him on the potty or toilet for a few minutes after each feeding. These are the times when you are most likely to feel like it.
  • Going to the potty or the bathroom should be associated with something positive, such as play. For this reason, it is important to never force him to go, as it could generate rejection, and therefore delay learning.
  • Because daytime control is easier and earlier, start by removing the diaper during the day.
  • About every 2 hours, take him to the potty or bathroom and explain that he goes there to pee. If he can’t do it, calm him down and tell him that nothing’s wrong, that I’m sure he’ll come out the next time.
  • If he has succeeded, congratulate him and encourage him. You can reward him with something.
  • Little by little, when the boy or girl is controlling their needs, you can space the time they have to sit in the bathroom every 3 hours.
  • It will not be strange that during the process you pee on yourself. It is important not to get angry and explain correctly that the next time you have to give notice to be able to arrive on time.
  • Once you have achieved control for the day, you can remove the diaper at night permanently. Do not forget that it is very likely that during the first weeks he will wet the bed. Therefore, before removing the diaper at night, it is best to get him used to peeing before going to bed.


  • Ask him from time to time if he wants to pee, try not to overwhelm him.
  • Suggest that you accompany your siblings (if you have one) or yourself to the bathroom. Children learn by imitating their elders, and the fact of going with you and explaining how you do it, how you clean yourself, how to flush the toilet… It will help.
  • Identify pee and poop, and explain it to him so he can tell the difference.
  • Establish a routine.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that can be removed easily and quickly. This will be important especially at the beginning, since it does not usually give much time and with comfortable clothes you will be able to lower your pants as soon as possible.
  • Use positive reinforcement, praise his accomplishments, and brush him off when he doesn’t get it right.
  • Do not have an exact date to remove the diaper. You must know your son / daughter and know when he / she is really ready.

Surely you feel much more prepared to face the adventure of removing the diaper permanently. Do not forget that you must have a lot of patience and always respect the rhythm of your little one. The key to knowing exactly how to remove the diaper is knowing that it should never be an imposition. Check out our parenting site for more and great ideas for your new born.