Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
How to remove hair from clothes in the washing machine

Removing hair from clothes in the washing machine is not only essential to achieve a really clean laundry, but also to prevent breakdowns from occurring. Over time, hair can accumulate in the appliance’s filters and drains, causing problems with the appliance and making it difficult to wash your clothes.

Even if you shake the different clothes well before washing them, the hairs adhere in such a way that it is not easy to get rid of them. If you no longer know how to remove hair from clothes in the washing machine , at OneHOWTO we give you the best tricks so that they do not become a problem again. They will come in handy, especially if you have pets at home or if you just got a haircut at the salon and need to remove the cut hair from your clothes.

adhesive roll

If you want to remove hair from clothes in the washing machine, the first advice is to try to get as few hairs as possible into the drum. To do this, the classic lint catcher roll or brush can be most useful.

You can find these utensils in the cleaning line of any supermarket, but you can also make your own. To do this, cut a piece of wide duct tape or packing tape . When you have it, turn it over and glue both ends, so that the outer face is the part that sticks. With your own hand, pass it over the entire garment, catching a good amount of hair on your way.

hair catcher balls

Hair catcher balls are practical and economical, being effective in trapping hair and lint that come off during washing. Most are made of plastic or silicone, and their irregular shape helps hairs get tangled up and trapped. You just have to put the ball in the washing machine and, once its function has been fulfilled, remove hair and lint. Rinse under running water and dry well until next use.


Something as simple as a sponge, the kind used in the shower, is an excellent ally when it comes to preventing hair from getting loose in the washing machine water. The trick? Put it between the clothes you are going to wash but do not load the washing machine too much, so that the sponge can move and fulfill its purpose. You will see that, after spinning, the hairs are trapped in it and you can remove the hairs from the washing machine.

Microfiber cloth

Due to their characteristics, microfiber cloths are increasingly used in daily household cleaning and will also help you when, for example, removing cat hair from clothes . Before washing, moisten a cloth and pass it through the garment you want to free of hair. They will come off easily. In addition, if you shake the cloth and put it in the washing machine, it will also catch any hair that may have been left during washing.

These cloths actually work like classic lint wipes, but be sure to use a white (colorfast) cloth.

Rubber or latex gloves

It may not have occurred to you, but the gloves you use to wash the dishes can be a ‘lethal weapon’ to remove hair from clothes in the washing machine. Put them on, moisten them and pass them through the garments . Wet rubber will create a static electricity effect and hairs will easily detach from clothing, getting caught in the gloves.

White vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent natural disinfectant that can help you leave your clothes spotless and free of hair. It is important to make it clear that we are talking about a small amount of vinegar, because, in excess, it could damage or discolor clothes.

Add a couple of small spoonfuls in the detergent drawer and you will see that your clothes are free of lint and hair, especially if they are black or dark garments.

Do not use this trick if you are going to wash delicate clothes. However, in the case of resistant garments, vinegar works as a cleaner. If you want to know more, in this other article we will tell you how to wash clothes with vinegar .

Quick cycle in the dryer

If you have a dryer and you want to make sure that not a single hair will remain attached to your clothes, try drying them with a fast cycle and warm air . This trick will help the hairs to come off , so that later you can, with a simple cloth, remove them from the dryer.

mesh bags

The mesh bags , which can be placed in the washing machine and remain floating in the water during washing , work like a real filter. In its net-like fabric, the hairs that are shed on the clothes will be trapped so that they cannot re-adhere. If you want to know how to remove hair from clothes in the washing machine, this is another simple and effective remedy. Check our site for more.