Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
how to clean baby's ears, read to know more about this

Is there a method to know how to clean the baby’s ears? The first thing to keep in mind is that you should only clean the wax that you see on the outside.

You have your son in your arms and suddenly you realize that he has wax in his ears. You instinctively wonder how to clean baby’s ears . If you ask your pediatrician, he or she will most likely tell you that the wax is there for a reason: to protect the external ear canal from infections and external aggressions, such as bacteria, dust or insects.

Don’t worry about seeing wax coming out of the ear. This has a natural mechanism to remove wax by sliding it to the outside. That’s why you can see it. That wax that accumulates on the outside of the ear is what you can clean. The one inside, no.


So, is there a method to know how to clean baby’s ears? The best thing is that you take advantage of bath time. In theory, water should be enough for the wax to go away, but you can also help with the tip of a gauze pad, even with a special cotton swab for babies. Of course, be careful not to insert them into the inner part of the ear, as you can cause the opposite effect: instead of removing the wax, push it inwards and cause a plug that only the doctor can remove.

Therefore, the movements you make, always outwards, following the auditory pavilion and holding the child’s head well. You should also never use long instruments, as you could damage the baby’s eardrum. With this we do not mean that you are not going to be careful, but it can happen that the baby moves his head unexpectedly.

In addition, the simple act of inserting an object into the ear can cause the skin to peel, which can increase the production of wax as a defense mechanism.


On the other hand, when you take the little one out of the bathtub, make sure to dry his ears well so that there is no moisture left. You can do the same with the tip of the towel. As with the wax, if there is water left on the inside, do not try to dry it. Tilt the little one’s head to that side so that it comes out.

However, if you notice that the wax has a different consistency than usual (it should be thin and light yellow in color) or that it has a strange discharge, you should take the baby to the doctor. Do not try to clean it, as it may be a symptom of otitis.

Similarly, if you notice that your child’s ears smell bad, it is not because they are dirty. You probably have an infection, so see your pediatrician as soon as possible. Check out our parenting site for more and great ideas for your new born.


There are moms who use natural remedies to clean the baby’s ears. We will show you some of the most popular ones, although we remind you again that removing excess wax from the outer ear is enough.

  • Olive oil has been used for years to soften ear wax. Those who use it, give children a couple of drops before going to bed.
  • Paraffin oil is also used. Unlike the previous one, you must heat it a little. Just 2 or 3 drops. You can find it in pharmacies.
  • Another home remedy is to prepare a saline solution by mixing a teaspoon of salt in half a cup of water. Once mixed, apply a few drops, let act for a few seconds and tilt your head so that the water comes out.
  • The mixture of equal parts of white vinegar and alcohol is used by some people.
  • The glycerin helps soften the wax and makes it easier for it to come out.
  • A few drops of warm chamomile infusion is good for cleaning the ears.

But we repeat, if you notice that the amount of accumulated wax is bothersome for the little one, it is best that you go to the doctor first.