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Baby is constipated: what to do to help him? Parents Toutinclus

When babies are not breastfed, constipation in babies can be expected. Most of the time, there is no need to worry. Is your baby constipated? We will give you some advice before consulting.

Baby constipation: what are the symptoms?

Minor intestinal problems are widespread in newborns under 30 days old. To think that a baby is constipated because he does not have a bowel movement for two days is often a pessimistic interpretation!

From a medical point of view, a baby is constipated when he fills his diaper less than once a day if he is breastfed (breast milk is better suited to his intestinal transit) and less than three times. Per week if bottle-fed.

It is thus called “functional” infant constipation because it is not linked to pathology. This could be a serious concern if newborn not pooping but passing gas. This is a commonplace episode, frequent and not severe, even if it can cause great concern for parents.

In the case of constipation, there are specific symptoms associated with the rarity of stools: irregular stools, discoloured and dry (like marbles), stomach pain (colic) relieved by putting on the stomach and passing gas.

In summary, there is no need to worry too much if the baby has no associated vomiting (these could be signs of intestinal obstruction), has no growth abnormality or weight loss, still has good reflexes, does not have significant bloating and does not writhe in pain when his stomach is palpated.

Baby is constipated: what are the solutions to relieve it?

Do not panic! Indeed, the concern of parents can intensify the phenomenon. As a parent, we focus on baby constipation. And we often tend to monitor their stool too insistently. What the child feels… In addition, stress can be a source of constipation in some babies.

We give you some tips to help:

Stay calm and avoid aggressive gestures as much as possible such as enemas and “anal manipulations”, put a thermometer on a baby to provoke a reflex, put suppositories on him, etc… This would only reinforce baby’sbaby’s anxiety and block him from any further.

Do not rush on glycerin suppositories, which work well but can delay the acquisition of the natural defecation reflex. There are a few simple solutions to relieve the baby.

You can prepare a bottle a day with Hepar water (no more than one bottle because the richness in magnesium and calcium in this water is not necessarily without danger for the kidneys of infants).

  • Possibly change milk if the baby is bottle-fed.
  • Avoid flour (it constipates).

If the baby has started food diversification, you can increase their daily ration of fruits and vegetables, which contain more fibre.

You can mix a teaspoon of a small jar of vegetables in his bottle if it is mild constipation.

You can massage baby! A flexible and gentle abdominal massage can be effective. We put two fingers on the baby’s belly and turned clockwise.

If your concern and these symptoms persist, do not hesitate to consult, if only to avoid letting harmful pressure build-up for you and your baby!

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